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Get extreme technique

The FREE program Get extreme technique is the program that will take you from the aspiring Shredder to the level of player you have imagined and visualized. Once you have entered your best email here on the top of the website you will recieve an email to confirm that it was in fact you signing up, then you will be taken to the website where the first videos are presented. These videos are also called Clean up the clutter in your playing and these videos are specifically designed for you to be able to identify what elements that is holding you back from reaching the initial goals you had with your guitar playing

Little things do mean a lot

 In a way it's so simple because in most cases it's actually just little things that needs to be adjusted for you to take the next step into all the elements that makes guitar playing fun and inspiring, but for many players, both beginners and players who has been playing for many years there are critical elements that when you get corrected makes a huge difference

Using every technique in the book successfully  

Whether you are using Alternate picking, Sweep picking, Legato or tapping or even more extreme techniques like 8 finger tapping of Sweep picking combined with 8 finger tapping you will learn what and how to take your technique and therefore also your speed to the highest

"Old dogs do learn new tricks"

In all the years I have been teaching guitar I have met and tought a LOT of guitar players who has been playing for many years and who was members of pretty successfull bands who even though they had been playing for many years and also usied to take lessons but they just did not get why they kept struggling with speed for so many years. And in all those situations the reasons for the struggling where always the same. Unfortunately a lot of people believe that just because they have been playing for so many years it would be impossible to change once we identifyed the problems that held them back from improving in technique and speed but the truth is that it is no more a problem than it is for a beginner. But what is needed is more than focus and persistance

Focus and persistance is never enough

The most discouraging thing is that you can practice all you want but if you do not have the Scientific approach you will not better your technique and improve in speed. Imagine that you keep practicing the same problem again and again, what happens? you become excellent at playing with the wrong technique.So what this means is that once you have monitored your approach and technique and identified the problem or problems you are ready for the heavy practicing because im not saying that it does not take repetitions. It certainly does, but not before you have perfect technique

Bonus program! The Secret of Playing Fast

So download the program by entering your best email under the video, confirm that you signed up in the email youll get from me and you are ready to rock. After you have had a few days to check out the main program you will get a BONUS program called The Secret of Playing Fast in your email chockfull of insane chops

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for making it so accessible in these lessons. It’s like learning from Charlie Parker.

Eric Miller

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have ordered quite a few of your lesson packages and I really have to tell you that after working with your material,nothing comes close.Every time I order someone elses instructional dvd,it just doesn't even come close to what I have learned from your material.A lot of these dvds say"Extreme" Guitar!Are they kidding.They are pure garbage and by far very elementary.Thanks again for offering material that actually takes the guitarist to a whole new level!"

Aaron Tremper

Your material is so far the most systematic and comprehensive teaching material I have found on the internet for guitar

Sigurd Bjørhovde

This is by far the most thorough instruction I have found

Ash J.