8 Finger Tapping - out of this world

Learn the technique that few dare try

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


The program consists of ebook describing the techniques in detail plus Tablature and accompanying video that show the techniques 

 The 8 finger tapping fundamentals

In the Introduction video you will get the total understanding of how to successfully master the fundamentals and basics that makes this seemingly "impossible" technique possible. You will learn drills that makes you ready for the tougher licks, like scales and arpeggios. So once you have been through the drills you will absolutely feel suited for the next level, the Scales, licks and Arpeggios

8 Finger tapping scales

It makes a lot of sense to learn to play scales with the 8 finger tapping technique since have so many fingers all together to our use. You will learn to play all seven of the modes in the Major scale so you can play any style of music and any kind of song with the 8 finger tapping technique

8 finger tapping Arpeggios

In this section you will learn to play Arpeggios with the 8 finger tapping technique. These are not for the faint of heart, these not only sound amazing but looks like you come from another planet when you are playing them, so don't be baffled if people drop their jaws in awe when they see and hear you doing these amazing Arpeggios live or in the guitar shop

Using the 8 finger tapping technique in your own playing

This is a section I personally feel very strongly about. The reason for this is because I have definetly suffered from having a huge amount of crazy and cool licks that I only used at home when no one else was around. So for this reason I came up with different systems that made it easy to start using all these advanced licks in real life, in my opinion there's almost nothing worse than having the licks you play when you rehearse with your band and then the way cooler licks you use when you sit at home practicing. So this video will make sure that you can get your advanced licks out of your bedroom and into peoples hearts

Bonus program - 8 finger tapping licks

In the Bonus program its time for all the fun stuff. Here you will learn to combine all sorts of insane licks using different types of Tapping techniques but of course also 8 finger tapping. In this program you will also learn to play licks with some Exotic scales like the Augmented scale. This is typically the program you want to dig into once you have mastered the basics like drills, Scales and Arpeggios

  • 35 page ebook
  • Tabs and descriptions
  • Lessons video
  • Bonus licks video

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for making it so accessible in these lessons. It’s like learning from Charlie Parker.

Eric Miller

Niels´ 8 finger sweep taps is "legendary licks" or mythical because I believe they are the pinnacle of lead playing


 "I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have ordered quite a few of your lesson packages and I really have to tell you that after working with your material,nothing comes close.Every time I order someone elses instructional dvd,it just doesn't even come close to what I have learned from your material.A lot of these dvds say"Extreme" Guitar!Are they kidding.They are pure garbage and by far very elementary.Thanks again for offering material that actually takes the guitarist to a whole new level!"

Aaron Tremper

Your material is so far the most systematic and comprehensive teaching material I have found on the internet for guitar

Sigurd Bjørhovde

This is by far the most thorough instruction I have found
Ash J.