Advanced Arpeggios

Advanced Arpeggios is as the name advanced, and more than that... its extremely advanced. So if you have already become familiar with techniques such as Sweep Picking, tapping and legato(hammer on´s and pull off´s) and you want a healthy dose of inspirations that are totally outrageus then this course is for you. Packed with ver forty licks is in this guitar indulgent and over the top program

I just bought this and it is out of this f...... world. Buy it. Niels is from another planet. 

Multi Finger Tapping Arpeggios


Some of the most challenging techniques that can be done on the guitar are the triad arpeggios done with multi finger tapping simply because the intervals are so large. Learn to master this completely insane technique   

Sweep Picking Combined With Over The Top Tapping 


Combining the Sweep Picking technique together with tapping is an awesome way to expand the sound of Sweep Picking. Learn the exhilarating skill of combining these two popular techniques into one jaw dropping entity

Extreme Legato Chops 


Would you not love to be able to play those extreme legato chops that requires a lot of stretching of the left hand ? and even doing so in the coolest of cool exotic scales. Add awe-inspiring legato chops to your shredding vocabulary 

8 Finger Tapping 


Have you been dreaming of mastering this almost mythical craft of using all four fingers of both hands on the fret board in an affecting frenzy of notes ? Well now you can. You will both be learning to play complete scales in several octaves and also adding this sexy technique to your Sweep Picking technique 

Bonus Seven String Guitar Extreme Arpeggios 


Why are the seven string guitar players always left with using that low B string just playing chugga chuggah ? this shall be no more ! Now you will add astonishing Sweep Picking technique with the added Legato technique to your vocabulary if you are in the lucky situation of owning a seven string guitar