This lick is really awesome I think, once you get used to tap with all four fingers and play legato with  all four fingers you can produce these long lines of shred guitar phrases. This is a quite long lick that can easily be divided up into smaller licks that are much more easy to incorporate into you own shred vocabulary. This is definetly something I will post videos about in near future so stay tuned. I suggest that you make one or two of the four notes per string patterns into one drill that you play back and forth both for the right and left hand, whenever they start to become comfortable then you add another part. This is a surefire way to master something as challenging as this in a jiffy. As I also mention in the video the part where you return to the D string from the high E string I pay extra attention to because you really need to be extremely precise when tapping with your little finger as the first note coming out of nowhere so to say. In many tapping situations you start with the index finger eventually ending up on the little finger so the little finger does not have to be as precise as the the other fingers and therefore we end up with the little finger being less strong and precise than the other fingers. So my other suggestion on a drill would be to only play that final part back and forth skipping between the high E and D string. Good Luck !!