8 finger tapping guitar scales three octaves. I play one complete octave of the scale on each string but but because I start and end each string on the same note one octave higher that means I start the next string playing the next note in the scale. So in this case where I play the Ionian scale from the low E string that means that I start the next string which is the G string by playing the second note of the scale and finally when I go to the high E string I start the pattern by playing the third note of the Ionian scale. 

Playin 8 finger tapping as I do it in this example really requires that you are precise with your fingers because its mostly impossible to damp with your palm. So the only chance of dampening is with the fretting hand fingers so you can damp the lite strings with the index finger on the fretting hand but the strings that are below will not be possible to damp so what you need to do is be as precise and fast as possible so you can quickly go back and damp. The lick can be implimented in to the Major scale first position. I you are new to this technique please work up the dexterity of each finger before attempting to play the complete lick. Good luck !