Here is one of my all time favorites, I have been using this lick and alikes for many years now, both for improvising and composed solos since the early nineties. So here I will give the technique to you

This row of arpeggios is three different inversiens of A minor, its triads and then I add some extra notes using multi finger tapping, the notes being E, G and A in the first inversion which is just the seventh added to the sweep picking triad arpeggio. then the next inversion makes use of the F which is the sixth as well as the seventh and finally the last sweep picking arpeggio makes use of the D which is the ninth so almost the full Aeolian scale is added with the exeption of the fourth

This technique is clearly not for absolute beginners because I keep the pick between the thumb and index finger and then I actually tap with the three remaining fingers and if you have never played tapping before or just used the undex finger you are in for a clhallenge for sure