It´s guitar tapping time ! In this one I start in a basic E dominant tapping arpeggio which expands into a frenzy of an E9 and finally into an E11 tapping arpeggio. Notice that I use the long finger when I tap on the A string and the ring finger when I tap on the G string and the little finger when I tap on the high E string. This is simply something I came up with just to work on the precision of those fingers when I started out with the extreme tapping many years ago. You dont have to do this if you feel more comfortable with using your index finger for tapping. But wheI start to tap more than one note on the high E string then you do have to expand your use of the right hand fingers to be able to do this of course. I suggest that you start working on the third pattern where you are tapping two notes on the high E string and get familiar with this before you go into the more crazy stuff of the last pattern where you tap with three fingers on the right hand. I like to use my long, ring and little fingers for this unless im using all four fingers on the right hand because this enables me to keep the pick close to quickly shift into other techniques. If you want to use the shred guitar lick in your playing you can use it from the second position of the major scale because then the mixolydian mode would start from the A string in that position which is the mode that the pattern pertains to and so the lick is in the key of A Major. Good luck and for references on muting while tapping like this I have posted an earlier video on the site with the words in the title string dampening. Good luck !