I did this video a while ago with the intention of starting a site with only beginner guitar stuff. I saw the video through and I think the video has some important knowledge if you want to learn how to play guitar shred guitar and lead guitar style of course. I go through all the pitfalls I believe there can appear when you want to play fast alternate picking such as where to establish your control of the right arm and hand. The first point of control of the movement actually starts in the lower arm which is rested on the upper guitar body. The next point of control is on the bridge where you rest the palm of the right hand. The total control of the right arm and hand pivots around these two spots and when done this way you get the possibility of extremely good control of the picking hand because the only possible movement will then come from the root of the hand which will make sure that the hand makes the smallest movement as possible to make the movements more precise which in turn should avoid pop outs and the pick from hitting wrong strings or several strings at the time. Of course its still possible to be a great player with different techniques (I have seen several :)) But I believe that this way have the possibility of getting you to your goal of fast alternate picking the quickest way. Said in another way, you can become a great player without any help or direction to your technique... it will just take much longer time. I also introduce a very express version of how I personally practice alternate picking with the metronome. So grab your guitar and kick some butt. Good luck !!