Hey there, I made this video because I got some feedback regarding the previous video touching on the subject of the right hand picking method. So I realized that the previous video was not thorough enough and its funny that whenever I go into detail on a subject that seems quite simple to the untrained eye "such as my own" then I suddenly conceive that there is much more to the case that I first thought. So in this video I will go more into detail on the ways to hold the pick. For me personally I like to hold the pick between a curved index finger and my thumb, I feel that this access to a very controlled yet flexible pick. Because the very most important thing about the pick is only to smoothly grace the string and in no way manipulate it, this is for fast picking of course, if you want some extreme accents then obviously you need a more firm grib on the pick. When I hold the pick in the way I just described then I get a very flexible control of the pick because what I want is the string so to speak "be in charge" and the pick only kicks off the note and in this way you dont "fight" the string. If you keep a more firm grip on the pick and try to play fast then you in many cases will experience pop out´s because the string will hold the pick back because its the stronger part. Of course everything is possible and if you think you get good results in the "fighting" way then by all means continue with what works for you. But in my own experience in myself and teaching fast alternate picking this way always give good and fast results. I was teaching a guy who was using three fingers, thumb on one end of the pick and then the index finger and long finger on the other end of the pick and this way gave him a very firm grip on the pick that kept him from being flexible on the pick so he was always struggling with fast alternate picking. Again I just want to make sure to say that of course there are exceptions where this technique works for somebody. So dont take my word for it, experiment with these things yourself and good luck !! Remember to watch the previous video regarding alternate picking basics for the full experience on the subject of the picking technique