This video is a little different than the chops I have posted and the only reason I created the tablature for it is only so you can see exactly what I did. I also need to say that this is of course not a lick that is extremely interesting but the system to create it is extremely useful and interesting. So now that you have seen what I do I really encourage you to start using the system yourself and create som really cool runs and licks that fits well into the scale patterns because it then becomes so nice and easy to see them in the scale patterns when you improvise and you will improve your sound by many procent. Being able to make use of licks(preferably cool ones) when improvising is in my opinion one of the most useful tools you can tap into at all so just take my idea and create one of your own licks and see what awesome stuff you can come up with. Then the next step is to introduce it when you are improvising and if you have a band then really force yourself to try it out when you are playing a solo, either if its your own songs or copy songs just establish the key of the song and where the scale charts begins and ends and kick it of from the spot you created the lick from. If you dont have a band then of course do exactly the same but from a jam track
Try to see the similarities between the lick and the scale chart. This is the key to understand the tools that makes it possible to create super cool shops that are extremely easy to implement into your soloing. So once you know the scale patters by heart you can start being creative with the patterns and create licks from the patterns which then becomes a natural way of improvising. Good luck

Seven position scale chart