This alternate picking idea is pretty cool in the way it makes use of re using a lot of notes and this way you in a little area play a lot of notes but it still sounds like a lot is happening so to say. the same concept is used in three spots with the little turnaround as I like to call it where the first is pivoting on the A string. The pattern is also being executed in the third position of the Major scale and the key is C minor which is sharing the same notes as the E flat Major scale. And again since this whole thing is done in one single scale position it is quite easy to incorporate into your own playing if you wish to do so. Pay extra attention to the final part where you are just playing the full scale position descending n all six strings that you work on avoiding to sound like you are playing triblets. When you perform three notes per string you can get unintentionally get the sound of playing triblets since the pure nature of playing three notes per string can give that particular sound and the way to avoid it is in my experience to practice only eight notes and also sixteenth notes, this has helped me enormously and also in general made my timing better. So grab your metronomes and start shredding. Good luck !