Perfect technique enables speed

In order to get the speed up in any technique you need to have the best leverage to get there, you will never be fast and clean without great technique. 
So how do you find out if you have great technique? its quite simple really, do you play fast AND clean? if you can't give a loud and proud YES to this question then you probably don't have great technique. 

The first alternate picking secret revealed

So the first step to get great technique is as I explain in the video to film your self both when you play fast and slow, then watch closely if the technique you are using is changing when you go from slow to fast, chances are it does, especially if you can't play fast and clean. 
If you play more than one downstroke or upstroke after each other this is the first thing you need to fix, but also as I explain in the video if you are using very large movements when you play slow and then small when you play fast, then change your technique so it becomes similar to the movements you use whn you play fast regarding the size of the movements.
Now once you get used to this its time to introduce the metronome and start practicing quarter notes or eight notes until your technique has developen in the correct way