Palm mustin

Palm muting as commonly known by most guitar players out there and in many a situation palm mustang is just great and also enough to get the job done, for example for rhythm playing and lines of hammer on's and pull off's. but to get that clean alternate picking sound that we know and love palm muting just is not enough, so we need something extra to clean the sound up thoroughly

The hidden technique

So if you have whatched the complete video you will discover that to clean up your alternate picking completely you will need the additional thumb dampening. I developed the technique without really knowing what I was doing way back in the days around thirty years ago I guess. I just knew that the palm muting I already knew was not enough to clean up that excess string noise that sometimes appear when you play fast through a scale so I just kept repositioning my hand and doing something with my fingers until I got the sound I was after and without me really knowing what I was doing I developed my thump dampening technique which I'm teaching my students.

When I was teaching also back in the days I was not sure why my students alternate picking did not sound good even though is seemingly looked like what I did myself, but after some time of close monitoring and deeper analysis I discovered what I did was the thump dampening or as in the title the hidden dampening technique. So add this thump dampening to your alternate picking to ultimately clean it up nd for a satisfying alternate picking sound