Hi there here is cool little alternate picking run that is very reminiscent of something Paul Gilbert used to do in the eighties and probably still does, thereĀ“s no doubt that the three notes per string alternate picking ideas from the Classic Intense Rock really inspired me and a lot of other guitar players out there and created the basics of playing fast alternate picking. The idea of starting an alternate picking run from the low E string and continuing it through the scale patterns and ending it in the high E string is heard many times so I made it into a littel sequence that can be continued without starting over which is always nice if you just want to work on your speed and technique in general. So this one obviously starts in the sixth position of the Major scale and works its way through to the second position of the Major scale and it is in the key of E minor which shares notes with G major. I suggest that once you know the pattern by heart and can play through it without making any mistakes you put your focus on the picking hand and you dont even have to have your eyes on the picking hand but just play at a pace that is slow enough so you can actually feel the up and down strokes in your hand. So once right and left hand are doing their stuff effortless then its time to add the metronome and remember to only speed it up once the pace you are at feels comfortable. Good luck !