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Browsing Archive: December, 2015

Shred Guitar for Beginners Alternate Picking

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Saturday, December 26, 2015, In : beginner shred guitar 


This lesson can be used both by beginners as well as for the advanced player who already are mastering the Alternate picking technique who just want to use the lessopn as a lick. But the video is created in such a way so a beginner will get a success certain way to master the alternate picking technique and more importantly get a way of practicing that will get you to your goal every time you want to learn something new. As I also state in the video its all about the mental game and wi...
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Christmas Shred Sweep Picking Tapping Arpeggios

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Monday, December 21, 2015, In : Sweep Picking Tapping 


So this is the last lesson of the year and I hope you will enjoy the hollidays. As I explain in the video you can choose to approach this either as quite a few individual licks that you can grab and make use of in your own playing or you can see it as a crazy way to play Last Christmas with Sweep picking Tapping Arpeggios. Even though this is not that fast to make sure you master each technique you will defitnetly have to drill the techniques quite a bit until you get them down. As a...
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