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Browsing Archive: September, 2018

Dorian Extreme Tapping Omit Seven

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Thursday, September 27, 2018, In : extreme tapping 

So this technique is actually the same we make us of as the Major scale Extreme Tapping lick we did last time, we just change the major third into a minor third and this way get the Dorian scale except for the seventh note of the scale but other than that its the same fingering I make use of and the same technique

This technique is something I invented because I wanted to use as many fingers as possible for tapping but still keeping the pick between my index finger and thumb. Th...
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Extreme Tapping Major Scale

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Friday, September 21, 2018, In : extreme tapping 

So this lick or scale is one of my ultimate trademark licks that really got my playing going and it can for you too. Once you get a hold of this baby you will be able to shred like a maniac for sure

This is sort of a Ionian scale but it can also work as a dominant scale since there is no seventh in it, so its a complete major scale with no seventh and therefore you can use it either as a Ionian scale also called the major scale or you could use it as a dominant step scale, or a mix...
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Advanced stunt sweep picking tapping

Posted by Niels Vejlyt on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, In : Sweep Picking Tapping 

Here is one of my all time favorites, I have been using this lick and alikes for many years now, both for improvising and composed solos since the early nineties. So here I will give the technique to you

This row of arpeggios is three different inversiens of A minor, its triads and then I add some extra notes using multi finger tapping, the notes being E, G and A in the first inversion which is just the seventh added to the sweep picking triad arpeggio. then the next inversion mak...
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