What is Arpeggios?

Let me explain this to you in a way that I think will uncover what somethimes can seem a bit of a mystery. Imagins the dawn of time some people agreed og a group of notes, in this case the Major scale, and then imagine a monestry a group of munks are singing and one of them notices that when you skip every other note in that scale and ask three munks to sing the first, thir and fifth note of that scale it sounds awesome, then take those three notes and sing the notes one after the other..... well we do the same with our guitar and the last example is also called Arpeggios

Here's your assignment

Now take any song, preferably a part of a song like a chorus or a verse and analyze what chords the part of the song consits of, once that is done you take each of those chords and instead of the chord you play the pertaining arpeggio, so for example if your song example goes like this, C, Am anf G for example then you would play a C arpeggio, and Am arpeggio and finally a G arpeggio.

Then the next part of the assignment is arrange the arpeggios in such a way so you do minimal movement on the fret board meaning that you dontjump up and down from eight to fifth to third, so you may have heard about inversions, in case of the triads you have three inversions of each arpeggio and this results in having the root note different places so you can do minimal movement as I described, this makes it easier to make a floating voicin and easier to play with doing a lot of either slides or jumping unless you want th slide sound of course. Make sure you check your inbox next week for a follow up and also really do this assignment to get a deeper understanding of arpeggios