In this video I'm showing you the absolute critical knowledge that all guitarists and musicians in general needs to know to be able to communicate musically with other musicians which then makes you able to play with other musicians and understanding why and how to make the scales, arpeggios and chords work together and also to make a quick analysis of a piece of music just from looking at the chords and then decide what scales to use. 

The little lesson shows you precisely how the chords and arpeggios and scales interconnect with each other. This example is using the Major scale also called the Ionian scale. The evolution I went through myself especially took shape when I got to know one of my big heroes today - Allan Holdsworth. I did go to music school and got the basics down and it finally made sense even though i´m not what you would call mathematic genius... But I did eventually l understand it because I believed it was important for my further development as a musician. And music theory is pretty much just simple math in many ways. But when I finally understood that everything pertains from the scale or said in another way the scale is the mother of chords and arpeggios then I found out how flexible the system was and it pretty much gave me infinite possibilities to create from. So this video should give you the basic understanding of the first step in the Major scale

In the video example I show you the connection between the Major or Ionian scale with the triad chord and triad arpeggio. But here are a few more examples of chords you can use as well  

Have fun with these chords and try to experient as much as possible with the Ionian scale over all these chords and hear how the notes from the scale react to the notes in the chord. Good Luck !