Here is the second contribution to the blues scale shred guitar improvisation. This one is in my opinion a little challenging in doing ascending hammer on´s and pull off´s and especially the part where you go from the high E string skip the B string and enter the G string with a continuity of chromatic notes started off with the ringfinger. The reason it takes a lot of effort to make it work is partly because you are trying to pull it off in such small space so not only is it the part of the guitar where the frets are really crammed together but its also a chromatic sequence and added to that is the string skipping technique. This part really puts your legato technique to the test so I suggest that you isolate this part to make that perfect before you move on and practice the whole phrase

This lick is also in B minor and composed from the B minor Blues scale but worked into the B Aeolian scale. The easy formula to start using this in your own playing and improvising is to see it as a phrase that you can start from the second position of the Major scale but then you move back one semitone step with your index finger which is the F that is not a part of the natural minor scale but also the note that among others makes up the blues sound because its the flat five of the B minor scale. The lick ends with the little finger on the last note on the D string in the seventh position so you can continue your improvising from there. Good luck !