So this is obviously a blues lick and by the way sorry for the late blog text. Its such a cool lick, I myself have started to work it into my improvisation where it ultimately belongs. The way to start working it into your playing is to pay attention to when you reach the second mode of the Major scale, or if you think of it as being in the fifth position from the A string of course which is of course theoretically more correct since thats the Mixolydian step which is Major with the lowered seventh. But it makes a lot of sense to think of it as a lick you play from the A string when you are in the second position because what this will do is to help you make your improvisation more natural and you see the neck as a whole where you add your licks to here and there I think, that works really well if you want to work on your improvisation game

What I especially want to touch upon here is the technique I use to make the Major Sweep Picking Tapping Blues lick happen. Here it is critical to get used to play on the fret board with the pick which I have also touched upon before as you know if you followed my lessons and my blog. Another thing that is cruzial here is to get your fingering down before you start practicing with a Metronome if that is something you do in general, when your fingering is decided upon you increase the speed that you will develop the lick with at least fifty to seventy five percent I believe and the best thing I can offer you is to go through the notes from the Tablature and decide on a fingering that works for you, or of course check mine out in the video and good luck !