This one is pretty cool and makes use of some unorthodox ways of playing sweep picking arpeggios, in this case im playing a D dominant arpeggio, but I play through some new patterns and add Tapping to it. What makes this easyer to utilize is to make sure of a very specific fingering, because you can actually make it pretty much impossible for yourselves if you dont create a specific fingering for your self that you use each and every time, you can of course use mine as I show in the video or even better create your own

As stated before this is a D dominant or D seven Arpeggio and if you want to make use of it in your own playing you can obviously create a pice using it or if you want to improvise with it start it from the fifth position of the Major scale or from the fifth position of the Harmonic minor scale or even from the fourth of fifth position of the Melodic minor scale although som of the notes here is a little more altered like raised fourth and minor sixth but you can still use the lick from those positions and get away with it. Good luck