This lesson is taken from Chopin's 12 Etudes Opus 25 not to be mistaken from Opus 10. Its just parts of it but still very enjoyable. Regarding the technique, as I also explain in the video I use the Sweep picking technique with the pick using my thumb and index finger, this enables me to use my long finger and little finger to use the Taping technique and play the final notes of the Arpeggios. Regarding the Diminished sevent Arpeggios I use the Hammer on and Pull off Technique combined with the Tapping technique again using my long finger and little finger. As you may notice theres kind of a "floating" tempo in the song which I think makes it more true to the original and more interresting in the sound. Make sure you kill all the possible String noise in this piece because the specific techniques I use has a tendency to be quite noisy. Enjoy