Technique and Fingering
In a few of the inversions of the Arpeggios there are some specific fingerings that you need to make use of to be able to play it. In the first Inversiosn make sure you use the ring finger to bar over the low E string and A sting(this is of course the 7 string version of the piece) this makes it possible to use the long finger on the D string and finally the Index and

Fourth inversion
Little finger on the G string to complete the first inversion of the D major Triad Arpeggio.
Then what I woutld call the fourth Inversion or the first time you move into the high E string use the little finger on the low E, the ring finger on the A string and the the long finger to roll over the D, G and B string and this makes it opssible to complete the fourth inversion on the high E string with the index and little finger. Of course you could argue against calleing anything a fourth inversion in a triad but its just a method of describing where we are in the piece so dont take it to litterally.  


Six string version