Hi there here is the third Contemporary Shred Guitar lesson and this time its exclusively tapping, its quite advanced Tapping and requires mastery of the index finger and little finger or the long finger and little finger on the Tapping hand. The idea is taken from my debut Sage's Recital album from the song The Last Unicorn but just transformed into a six string pattern but without the Dominant step. Enjoy

This is obviously not for the faint of heart this technique and other than learning how to play it technically its also critical to learn to dampen the strings enough so the strings not played is not making any excess noise. When you play this type of technique it's pretty much impossible to avoid all string noise unless you use a string dampening device or hair band which has become very popular, but the reason I never use those devices is because I strongly believe that learning to damp on electric guitar is a crucial part of playing electric guitar that just cannot be skipped, just notice how it sounds playing through a scale using distortion while not dampening, its almost unbearable to listen to. So to help me a little I use the neck pick up and then I just work on the technique, the thing is that if you don't use the dampening device or hair band you have to be extremely precise and this will only help you to develop in the long run, but this way you cannot skip any steps. So when you practice this lick make use of your amp with a little distortion, and when you at some point are able to play it without any string noise you can try to crank up the gain a little, keep up this process until you are satisfied, but remember you cannot escape it totally as you can also hear in the video, but I think personally that this amount is much better than having to use a hair band, but thats just my taste. Enjoy