This video is about getting your own creativity flowing regarding shred guitar and shred techniques. I really feel that once I started to create my own licks and sort of created my own techniques like Sweep picking 8 finger tapping and Sweep picking combined with Extreme and Advanced Tapping I became much more creative and what was awesome about that was also that it gave me many more reasons to practice as much as possible. Im not saying that no one else was doing this in the world, but at least I was not aware of it since it was before the internet so it gave me a more personal feeling about the techniques. And its much simpler than it sounds, its generally just taking what you already know and find a way to do those same techniques with your own twist or combine them in a way you have not seen before. You could also start to experiment with Exotic scales and utilize those with techniques that you have not seen before. Here is a list that you can do any combination of

 - Sweep picking
 - Alternate picking
 - Legato
 - Tapping
 - Bends
 - Slides
 - Exotic scales

I hope you will see all the potential in this, because this will really put you in a different category of guitar players. Other than that here are the Tablature for the little shred guitar piece in the beginning