Obviously the idea of this video and blog is not the lick in it self but more a concept to use when you are soloing in the scales. And let me just apologize for the old url on the video, the video is not completely new but I find the info and idea very relevant and its some time ago I posted some Alternate Picking lessons. The idea is to take a basic concept or a pattern you want to play within the scale pattern and repeat that in the next or previous scale pattern, this is an easy way to create some sweet Alternate picking runs

The Scales

What I do here is I start the idea that I do in the first scale pattern of the Major scale and I redo that in the second pattern and the end it in one way in the third pattern, but you can obviously do it in any scale pattern you want to and end it in any old way. And again this is not some genious way to do it, its just a simple way to get started with Improvised soloing creating scale runs, you can easliy come up with your own and create some cool runs for your improvising, but here's a lesson for you to get started