This almost calls for a celebration of some kind since I believe this is my first ever economy picking or speed picking lesson. Its a technique I have not explored that much so the amount of chops I have using this technique is very limited. But when I got the idea of repeating dominant arpeggios in a cascading way then using the economy picking technique made a lot of sense. The term speed picking is actually something I got from the master Frank Gambale but I have not heard that term a lot so I refer to it as economy picking.

The brilliant idea of economy picking is in short like this: To continue your direction you play an uneven amount of notes(like three or five) and to change direction you play an even amount of notes. So as an example if you play a scale three notes per string style and you are ascending then to descend you for example play two notes. The other very important thing you should consider before using the technique is that to be able to use the technique to its fullest you actually have to arrange the notes on the fretboard so it makes sense to use economy picking because in many cases you will end up using a variety of alternate picking and alternate picking if you dont arrange the notes to take full advantage of the economy technique. This also means that you in many cases need to make use of a very specific fingering as I also do in this lesson. But once you get use to these concepts it is a killer technique. Good Luck !!