Other than a cool little musical piece presenting some interresting scales and modes like Major raised five, Dorian, Locrain and Eight note scale used as a dominant, plus the awesome Major seven raised fifth Arpeggio, this video and blog is about creating a nice and inspiring environment for your practicing. Because if you are like me it can sometimes be a little tough being alone with just the guitar and you racing mind, so what really works great for me and helps me keeping my focus on the guitar for hours is having just some uninterruptive music at a low volume in the background. This makes sure that I still have almost all of my attention on the guitar and the metronome(if im practicing with the metronome) and of course be sure that the volume is low enough so that it does not interrupt with the tempo you are playing to from the metronome. This way makes me relax more and are able to practice much longer with better focus. I hope this works for you as well