I think we can all agree that this extreme guitar lesson is totally and completely over the top. It features a variety of techniques such as Sweep Picking, Legato, tappin and 8 finger tapping and three and four notes per string patterns. I guess you can also see and here that its highly improvised and that is the reason that I did not slow it down. I basically play a E minor sweep picking pattern and the first time I do it I add a four notes per string on the high E string played legato style and not only that, I then slide the pick up my right hand index finger to tap with all four fingers. Then I do the same sweep picking pattern again but this time when I reach the high E string  I hammer on with a three notes per string pattern and tap and slide the note out the last fret and continue into a legato combined with slides into an Em13 tapping arpeggio that then continues into some 8 finger tapping or to be totally accurate I only use three fingers on the right hand for tapping in this last pattern, but notice that I also use the seventh string for this final pattern which is something you can easily avoid if you dont play a seven string guitar. I strongly suggest that you practice each individual techniques and patterns to be able to make something like this work. And especially the 8 finger tapping part if you are not used to such crazyness. Good luck and have fun and stay classy San Diego ;)