Hey guys I have started a new category called Extreme Legato and and even more cool title Attack of the helping hand. The mission of the helping hand is to not only to teach you some advanced chops but even more valuable in my opinion give you som tools to start incorporating the material into your own playing, because it will give you a very measureable way to see what your entity of playing and chops fathoms. So in this case with the first Extreme Legato chop the helping hand shows you only four note per string patterns, this way of playing gives a very extreme shred approach to guitar playing and I see it more as a sound, the long flurry of notes is something I really love and it adds a killer element in your playing if you are into shred guitar which im sure you are since you are reading this. A few important notes regarding mastering stuff like this is first of all make sure that you are comfortable with playing just one four note per string pattern before you move on. As soon as you master this element in the chop then I suggest that you only practice the part where you skip the B string and only go between a single four notes per string pattern on the E and G string so you really close in on the potential problem of producing quality sound with your little finger entering the G string. These are in my opinion the two obvious challenges in the phrase. Good Luck !