Hey guys and dolls ! here is a phrase that both works fabulous as a lick and as a drill to work up your four notes per string patterns and legato technique. You are probably finding out that not all the four notes per string patterns are equally easy or hard to perform. In my case its especially the stretch between the ring and long finger I have a problem with and so I made this drill slash lick so it has a equal amount of easy and challenging fingerings. Then theres of course also the string skipping part that needs some special attention. As I mentioned in the previous Extreme legato shred guitar lick you need to place a lot of emphasis on the part of the string skipping where you move from the high E string down to the G string with the little finger. Here you really have to work on the preciseness of you little finger. Both hammering hard enough so you produce enough sound on the G string but not so much so you get a lot of accents on it so its a dilly of a pickle to make this phrase sound juuust so all the notes are equal in execution and therefore an exelent drill for both four note per strings patterns and legato. I did not post a fretboard chart for this particular phrase because I see it more as a drill that helps levereging all my other legato chops. This one really helps my little finger when entering a new string which is something I really needed to work on. So I hope this will benefit your legato playing as it did for mine. See you soon