This lick is really extreme to the max because it makes use of the Pentatonic scale which has some quite large stepsand played with four notes per string and string skipping. I actually think it makes it a little easier to play little sequences between two patterns and it can also help you to do repetitions on each pattern. I also strongly suggest that you warm up your hand for stuff like this to make sure the quality of the notes is good because if you dont then you might experience that the sound suffers especially if you find it hard to stretch your fingers enough to play the notes satisfyingly

The lick is in the key of D major and I kick the lick off from the fourth position of the major scale and the lick is ended in the fifth position of the major scale so this makes it potentially easy to weave the lick into the scale. In my experience it takes some getting used to to go from a three notes per string pattern into a four notes per string pattern so it is a good idea just to practice that little spot of going from the fourth major scale position into the four notes per string lick. Good luck !