Here is a Pentatonic lick played shred guitar style three notes per string completely legato and also to a jamtrack so you can here how it sounds in a musical situation. Added to this lick also some string skipping which is sometimes necessary when you play pentatonic three notes per string style. 

To impliment this lick into an actual improvisation situation I made a system that makes it easier to do this. In this particular lick even though the lick is pentatonic I analyze it from the major scale and when im in the seventh position of the Major scale I start it from the high E string and end it in the fifth position of the Major scale and so therefore I can easy incorporate this pretty advanced lick into my improvising so apart from being musical I can easily play some crazy advanced chops

The song I play over is in the key of D major and the lick I play is in B minor Pentatonic which shares the same notes as D major Pentatonic except from the fourth and seventh. Good luck !