This lick is one of my trademarks and what I normally call Extreme Tapping. Its a killer pattern that sounds really extreme once you got the technique down. One of the first things regarding this technique that most people find a little weird is something like starting a lick out with a hammer on which can feel a little awkward in the beginning. The nex thing is to make the string skipping lose the possible breaks between the notes and obviously also the string noise that can happen when you skip the strings. I really want you to check out a whole video I did on this subject, just enter string dampening into the search field on my blog and you will find it. The most challenging probably is the tapping done by the long, ring and little finger and if this is new to you I strongly suggest that you start to tap only with one finger. The cool thing is that the second pattern actually only makes use of two fingers so that would be the next obvious drill for you to work on. And then finally start to make some sound from the pinkie as well. 

The lick is id D major and you can start if off from the second position of the major scale when ever you are improvising. So try it out when you are soloing and get the sweeet sensation yourself. Good luck !