Its Shred Guitar time again. Here is a really awesome tapping pattern that I have been using for quite some years but I expanded it with a few more notes... what a bonus. Its one of those techniques where its pretty difficult to damnp the strings while you play because you need to tap with several fingers on low and high strings, so to make it juuuust perfect I sometimes use the neck pickup to kill the noise if I need to. For example a live situation where feel less confident than when sitting at home shredding. So its your option but I still strongly suggest that you rehearse it with the bridge pickup to get that totally in your face sound that leaves nothing out so you will know where to place special emphasis when you practice. As I explain in the video I prefer to keep the pick between my thomb and index finger and do the two taps with my long and little finger and the reason for this is strictly to prepare for a improvisation situation or something where I shift between different techniques so I can quickly start to use the pick if needed. Also as explained in the video when I use it in a improvisation situation I sometimes simplify the lick and only play the notes on the A string and B string, and since its only a triad arpeggio I can use it from all three major modes the Ionian the Lydian and the Mixolydian and since I kick it off from the A string I ececute it from the first, second fifth position. Enjoy