So this lick or scale is one of my ultimate trademark licks that really got my playing going and it can for you too. Once you get a hold of this baby you will be able to shred like a maniac for sure

This is sort of a Ionian scale but it can also work as a dominant scale since there is no seventh in it, so its a complete major scale with no seventh and therefore you can use it either as a Ionian scale also called the major scale or you could use it as a dominant step scale, or a mixolydian scale

This technique is something I invented because I wanted to use as many fingers as possible for tapping but still keeping the pick between my index finger and thumb. This way I can go from technique to technique without any problems. Its actuallt just a major scale as I described before and repeated on every other string but certainly it demands some dampening to make it work. If you are new to this idea of tapping with all the fingers you will need to practice it of course to make it become even in timing as well as a equal quality between all the notes