By public demand ;) I created this video showing you some of the concepts and ideas that make up licks, chops and phrases that are possible on the guitar. Of course there are endless resources available as soon as you start to get your mind going on what you can do with the concet of guitar tapping. In this video im showing you a few basic concepts from the Pentatonic scale in the key of E minor. I touch upon the subject playing the full scale and then both minor triad arpeggios and four note arpeggios and some different techniques to execute those ideas. In this video I use the index finger to tap with because that seems to be what the majority of guitar players are using even though I find that it makes it easier to shift between different techniques when I tap with the long finger because then I can keep the pick between the index finger and thumb. But try to experiment with both ways and see for yourself what feels the best before you decide. Among some of the challenges you will experience in this tutorial is string skipping and also the fact the you jump quite far between the notes or the intervals that you are playing makes you jump far if you dont skip strings and if you do skip strings then that in itself is a challenge. The thing I hear the most that can be a challenge is how to mute the strings and it just so happens that I created a video regarding just that matter. So please look through my videos for a video with the title string dampening if you want to go more into detail with that. Good luck !