This lick is really cool and I have used it quite a lot on my recordings like in Infinity Overture: The Infinite Overture pt.1 and my solo album Sthenic. Its a combination of a minor sweep picking triad and a lot of notes added from the Harmonic minor scale with tapping with three fingers on the right hand 

One element that to some degree can make a very advanced lick like this seem a little easier is the hammer on´s I do as a help to make the shift between the sweep picking technique and the tapping technique seem a little easier. Because what I generally do when I use this combination of techniques is to either play sweep picking with the right hand on the fret boeard or move the right hand gradually into the fretboard to move closer to the tapping part. But the hammer on´s definitively makes it easier.

This part of the song in in D major but I play a B minor triad which consits of notes pertaining to the D major scale. Then I add notes which all consists of notes from the D major scale except from one note which is the B flat which is the flat sixth to D major and raised seventh to the B minor. So this lick can be played from the sixth position of the major scale. Good luck !