A simple system that often seem complicated

This video presents to you the do's and dont's of learning to play fast. Learning to play fast is actually simpler than you might think but what you first of all need to know is to cut through all the talk and hype about learning to play fast. I have been teaching guitar for twenty plus years now and again and again I hear students that first come to me talk about stuff they read or saw on the internet that should be the "trick" to learn to play fast but in this video is show you just those very few things you need to know to excel in speed. 

Step 1
Fingering is the first element you need to get down, even if you feel accomplished in playing alternate picking, if you haven't reach the quality or speed in your alternate picking technique I ask you to film yourself while you play through a pattern you have played before, it could be a scale or some kind of phrase consisting of alternate picking all the way through. Play it a few times slow and a few times fast and film yourself. Chances are that you either don't  use the same fingering every time. What needs to happen if that is the case you need to figure out a basic way you want to approach scales regarding fingering, the reason I mention scales is because pretty much everything you ever play consists of some type of scale unless its an arpeggio

Step 2
Next element that is equally important is the picking technique. This is also one of the steps where you will benefit from filming yourself. I also see a lot of players who believe they are using the alternate picking technique but in many examples they are using a variety of techniques like Economy picking and alternate picking, so check your technique out by filming yourself and make sure you use the Alternate picking technique consistently unless you want to practice an Economy picking pattern

Step 3
The next  thing you need to do is you need to stop thinking at some point, what I mean by this is that a lot of guitar players tend to overthink, of course you need to have a scientific accession but once you are using the core elements in your technique like the before mentioned fingering and picking you need to stop thinking stuff like "am I doing it right" or "this player is using another technique with great results"  once you got your technique in check you need to just practice like a madman

Step 4
Next up is How much to practice which can be a continues frustration for a lot, because its a not a good choice to practice for hours in the weekend and then pretty much not tough the guitar in the weekdays, so you need to find a realistic amount of time to set aside for practicing every day. Its again a balance because of course you need to dedicate quite some time every day since you hopefully have some high standards for your playing but again make it realistic so it fits your life situation. One more thing I want to say here is that you also need to find a balance between when you introduce new material into your practicing routine, because this can often inspire you to practice, but again don't do it too often so you don't reach your goals on the old material

The less important elements in reaching speed
Whether you use three fingers are all three fingers in your playing, either of those are fine but I suggest that you make use of all four, especially to make it easier to play larger intervals. Another thing that can sometime inspire your playing is to practice more than one technique, for example Sweep picking, so if your number one goal is to become fast using Alternate picking you should not ONLY practice that one technique, practising other techniques makes your nervous system more relaxed and actually makes your Alternate picking sessions more effective

Things that some might tell you matters in learning to play fast that are NOT true
A favourite that a lot of people thinks will help them to reach speed is to look at some fast players thinking that their practicing routines will be an express way to become fast, and I have done this myself in the past but the truth is that once you get down the core elements in the Alternate picking technique the material does NOT play a role at all. Another thing is it does not matter if you are playing with an open or closed picking hand, and neither does the gear play a role, so any electric guitar, any string, andy amp and pick will do. Happy practicing