How to practice to become your best
This is a topic I touch upon again and again becaue its such a critical element in developing as a guitarist and musician and you might have heard it before but you can have the absolute best tools but if you dont use them and work with them you will not improve. So here in this blog I will go through what has helped me and still is helping me develop today.

What to practice
First of all you need to identify what it is that you need to develop in your playing. For example is it your technique that needs to be better or is it theory or songwriting? So be as realistic as possiboe and true to yourself, can you admit that everything in your playing is probably not perfect? and another thing, in many situations we really enjoy and feel most comfortable with the stuff we already know and master. So really dig deep and see if your Sweep picking, Alternate picking, Economy picking, Legato or Tapping or music theory needs some work

How much to practice
Obviously its different from person to person how much time you have and want to invest on pracitcing but its evident that the more time you put in the more you benefit. That being said if you practice for several hours a day in one go chances are that you will not benefit from all of the work, so make sure you get some good long breaks between the hours you practice so your nervous system gets replenaged to get the maximum from your practicing. Its also important that you make sure to practice every day and not a lot on some days and then not at all other days

Stay inspired
In my experience you sometimes get frustrated or bored with your lessons, then its important that you dont get mad at music or the guitar but instead look for a little new stuff that will keep you interrested because I experienced that when you reach this point and you take just one new lesson into your practicing routine or lose one and take a new one in that covers the same technique, all your other old lessons that you are practicing suddenly becomes fun again or starts to make more sence. You suddenly see your work in a new light. But this is also the place and time where you need to be your own judge on how often you should do this, because clearly you should not do this everyday or every week. For me it can be after practicing a piece for a month or two or even more before I chug it and replace it, but you need to find your own balance here but one thing is for sure, you do need to get to the initial goal you had with the lesson unless its just a technique you work on you could also find a new lesson that works on the same technique

Other tricks to stay inspired
Another thing that really has helped me through the years to stay on track is to imbrace myself with all things Shred guitar, this can be guitar magazines or magazines from guitar shops, but it can also be posters of your favorite players or bands so whenever you look at say someone like Yngwie Malmsteen or John Petrucci your mind goes "dude you better practice" For me its absolutely also just listening to bands with amazing players and having all my albums lying around so wherever I look I always see something guitar related and by all means always have your guitar around for easy access, never put it in a case or a closet, it must be around so you can easily pick it up and practice