How to play the techniques

So after a long hiatus from this blog I'm back with some fun and inspiring ideas. This here is a sweep picking 8 finger tapping idea where I make use of all the notes on the guitar, from the open low E to the E on the twenty fourth fret on the high E string.

To be able to do this you have to make use of my trade mark technique where I slide the pick up my thumb to be able to play with four fingers on the tapping hand, and I'm combining this with a four note pattern on the high E string and on the A string and low E string

One of the things I found very challenging to play is to go from the four note pattern on the A string to the sweep picking pattern. So first of all keep the lick in a pace that makes you able to play the same speed in the legato patterns and the sweep picking, so really avoid speeding up when playing the legato. This is again a case of using the metronome, the metronome has helped me out many a time and make sure you use it. I find that the metronome becomes less and less popular with new guitarists but it has helped me develop a lot