Here is my version of the famous Arpeggio pice from the classic Jason Becker song Altitudes. This song has obviously been heavily covered on youtube, but this is sort of a new view of the beautifull piece. Theres many a simpler version of the Arpeggio piece on youtube but the fact is that its actually not that easy, when you listen really close you can clearly hear the slides Jason are doing in between some of the Arpeggios. The topper is the two Taps Jason are also using, I have never seen anyone else do this but again if you listen close you can clearly hear Jason adding those few taps to one of the arpeggios which again proves that Jason is and where one of our best and most innovative guitarists that has ever been around (well that's my opinion and taste anyway :)) So I hope you'll enjoy practicing and playing this piece as much as I do and please don't cheat yourself of a "must have" album. Jason Becker's Perpetual where you will find the Altitudes track. All the tracks are amazing on that album so give it a listen