Hey guys I really feel there is a need for a tutorial in this incredible shred guitar piece by the Sweep picking Arpeggio master Jason Becker. But first of all I want to describe the version I did. Its almost completely true to the version that Jason Becker does in the popular clip he did in a clinic in the eighties.

But when I was listening to that version I was very unclear on some of the final arpeggios so I instead turned to the sequenced version which is on the album Perspective. And the sequenced version is clearly different.

And notice the diminished arpeggios ending into the chromatic sequence, that is from the sequenced version which in my opinion is even cooler than the live version Jason does himself but thereĀ“s also no doubt that is is also much more difficult to play the sequenced version with the chromatic part.

To top it off I added some legato three notes per string diminished arpeggios and finally some economy picking diminished arpeggios as well. So the end with the legato and economy picking is my own little take on Serrana but I hope you will enjoy anyway.

How to practice this
When I decided I wanted to learn this song I quickly realized that some parts was way more difficult than others and in my case it was the movement from the arpeggio into chromatic run and the final economy picking part. It might be something different for you though. But I made practicing sessions where I would only focus on the difficult parts so that I was pretty soon up to the same speed on all the arpeggios so I could get through it in the same pace and I encourage you to do the same.

I hope you will have fun with this piece and good luck ! Oh and by the way I just want to say that now im using Serrana as a piece that keeps my sweep picking arpeggios in shape so I would suggest that as soon as you can play it it is an awesome way to keep your sweep picking technique in shape