This sweep picking arpeggio is one that I would normally play on a sevenstring guitar but someone(Thank you !!:)) came up with the idea of playing it on a six string and so I was just taking the same notes as I was playing on the seven string guitar and came up with a way to play it on a six string. The pattern did definetively not become easier but actually quite the contrary "But we do love to practice stuff we cant play... right?"

This technique is one that I in the beginning found quite hard to get the synchronization right between the different techniques. First of all because all the extra hammer on´s and pull off´s added to the sweep picking and now in this example also sliding. Because the right hand really has to balance out to fit to all the extra work the left hand does in comparison to a traditional triad sweep picking pattern it is extra important to keep the pace down when rehearsing it in the beginning and for me personally that took quite some time. So be patient with this technique unless you already master it of course.

Since it is a major 7 arpeggio you can kick it of from the first and fourth position of the major scale and the sixth from the Harmonic minor scale. In this example I use it from the first position of the Major scale. Good luck !