Hi guys this is actually the first time I post a specifically Melodic Minor lick for some reason. And Isay so because I really love the sound of that scale. In the video I do quite some in depth explaining but if you are one of those who prefer to read let me talk a little about it here. The lick is completely composed from the patterns in the Melodic Minor scale and the specific patterns I use from the Melodic Minor scale is the second and first position. I made it so that it starts and end in the same position which is the second position of the Melodic Minor scale so its nice and easy to use it as a little sequence you can easily practice and speed up to the metronome
The whole idea I present to you in the video that gives you easy acces to improvising using very advanced chops is done in the following way. I use the Melodic Minor scale as a basis for improvising creating "melodies" from the notes of the scale and as soon as I enter the specific pattern where the lick is created from I kick off the lick and in this way I can improvise and still make use of some really advanced licks. Im not saying that it does not still take a lot of time and effort to sound good doing this but it gives you a clear idea on how to start shredding while improvising and not being forced to compose a solo everytime you want to make use of some of the crazy and advanced licks that you might have been practicing but never managed to use in a improvising situation. So here you are and good luck !!