About these Arpeggios

This piece comes from my new album Concerto, its the third track on the album and is called Monuments, this partucular thing is the intro Arpeggios and represents a lot of different interresting Arpeggios mainly using Sweep picking. We both getu regular triad Arpeggios but also four note Dominant Arpeggios in different inversions, Major seven and diminished sevens plus the really cool Major seven raised fifth from the third step of the Harmonic minor scale

The simple and obvious is make sure you shift from Sweep picking into Alternate picking in the scale piece. But pay close attention to the fingering I use to go from one Arpeggio to the next, try to follow that as close as possible and if that feels weird at all see if you can create your own fingering to make the speed happen. If you want to hear the full song check out my new album on any kind of streaming service, search for Niels Vejlyt Concerto