This cool little and very typical neo classical shred guitar sounding phrase introduces a dominant arpeggio that might be new to you. It´s a little bit non typical in the way that I add extra notes on the way while ascending and descending and in this case it is on the D and on the G string instead of only on the two E strings. The idea of connecting arpeggios together with scale patterns is vey typical for the Neo Classical Metal genre. It especially reminds me of Symphony x Damnation game riff which obviously is a Bach theme and it just works perfectly on electric guitar with distortion added in my opinion
The phrase is a variety of three notes per string alternate picking patterns together with triad and four notes sweep picking. Since this phrase is a combination of many little parts consisting of the fifth, sixth and seventh position of the Harmonic minor scale and two different arpeggios I suggest you practice these elements separately to master the phrase quicker
The phrase is in the key of F# minor and the first minor triad arpeggio is played from the bottom of the first scale position of the Harmonic minor and the scale run goes through the seventh, sixth and fifth position and the Dominant arpeggio kicks off from the low E string which is from the fifth position of the Harmonic minor scale and the final F# minor triad is played from the top of the fifth position of the Harmonic minor scale