Do you love it ? Well I do ! This little caprice kind of thing is in the key of B minor and is obviously executed in the Harmonic minor scale so if you dont know the seven scale positions in the harmonic minor scale then it is definitively a great contribution to learn stuff like this because it will give you a great over all view of the patterns that´s going on in stuff like this. I find that if im learning stuff that is making use of patterns like scales and arpeggios I know then I learn to play the phrases much quicker, I guess that makes a lot of sense. The awesome thing about stuff like this neo classical shred guitar lesson is that apart from being highly technical it is also very musical and I think that a lot of people find it easier to rehearse stuff that not only places emphasis on the technical aspect of shred guitar playing. If you are used to the Harmonic minor scale then you can easily incorporate it into the second position of the Harmonic minor scale. Regarding the right hand this is all alternate picking including the semi slow string skipping work in the beginning of the caprice. If you like the sound of this piece I encourage you to check out old Symphony X and Michael Romeo and also my upcoming album :D Good luck !