Here is the second contribution to the Neo Classical Shred Guitar Caprice. This one makes use of three different invertions of the E minor triad sweep picking arpeggio and also of the Harmonic minor scale in the second and first position. This is again a piece that can easily be divided up into all the sweep picking arpeggios and then also the final sixtuplet alternate picking pattern. Apart from you making faster technical progress on something like this, this is also a really cool ways to make use of the seperate ideas. So if you for example take the first isolated sweep picking E minor arpeggio and analyze what you can use it apart from this Caprice. Then just by looking at the pattern you can see it fits into the third, fourth and seventh patterns of the Majer scale and if analyzed in conjunction to the Harmonic minor scale you will see that it works from the second,fourth and fifth position of the Harmonic minor scale.This is in my opinion one of the most benefitial ways to learn and analyze a piece of music because when disected into smaller parts it suddenly becomes usefull in so many different ways. So have fun with it and good luck