Sweep Picking in the Neo Classical style. I just want to spend some extra time on the diminished shapes because they are some shapes I just came up with to be able to play some sixtuplet dimished shapes without only covering the E, B and G string. So what I do is I play two notes on the high E string and on the D string and only one note on the rest of the strings. Also I play only one note on the A string and to me it seems natural to use the little and index finger on the D string and then the long finger on the A string but see what works best for you, if its the ring finger that feels most natural on the A string. 

This piece is in the key of B minor. And we get sort of the sound of the seventh mode of the Harmonic minor which is a diminished 7 leading into the root which is then the B minor. So the Chord progression for this would be A# diminished7 and Bm which gives a very typical sound used a lot in the Neo Classical style. And since the dimished arpeggio is made up exclusively of minor triads we can play it by using the same pattern repeated a minor third step up and down. And the way it is ended is by playing the three inversions of B minor. I suggest that you start by drilling just the diminished patterns covering five strings if those are new to you as they where to me. Good luck !